Professional LCD module manufacturer.

We have round lcd display , Such as 1.22 ‘’ TFT LCD module , 1.2 ‘’ round AMOLED display , 1.3 ‘’  round AMOLED display , 1.39 ‘’ round AMOLED display . These tiny round shape LCD modules mainly spplication for the smart watch . All with the great display effect . 3.34 ‘’ round tft LCD module and 3.4 ‘’ round tft lcd module , these two models mainly application for the smart home .Such as the temperature ,smart switch . We also have 5.0 inch round TFT LCD display , this model mainly application for the Advertising display .


We also have rectangle and Square shape lcd display , such as 1.54 ‘’ ,2 ‘’ , 2.4 ‘’ , 2.8 ‘’ , 3.2 ‘’ , 3.5 ‘’ , 4.3 ‘’ ,7 ‘’ ,8 ‘’,10.1 ‘’ etc...

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Kingtech is lcd manufacturers. We had been specializing TFT lcd screen since 2003.

We are the lcd screen manufacturers for small size displays such as 1.8inch 128x160, 2.0inch 176x220, 2.0inch 240x320 IPS, 2.8inch 240x320, 3.5inch 320x240 and 3.5inch 320x480 IPS ect.

Kingtech lcd screen module manufacturers have more than 200 models of standard display such as Round Display, Bar Type Display, High brightness sunlight Readable Display, PS/ Free Viewing Angle Display, Transflective Display and Wide work temperature display.

With Strong R&D team support, more than 90% of our projects are custom made products. Kingtech lcd module manufacturers tool up FPC, capacitive touch panel, backlight (if necessary) and even custom made the LCD panel for customers. Both ODM and OEM orders are welcome!

Kingtech lcd screen module manufacturers also can make high brightness and wide temperature displays according to customer’s requirements.

Based on the TFT LCD display, Kingtech lcd module manufacturers can also supply resistive touch panel, capacitive touch panel, driver board, HDMI board, LCD related hard & software design and even complete solution.





Good faith, excellent service and win-win concept is our company core value.


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