6500nits brightness 7.6 inch lcd display for Cadillac


6500nits brightness 7.6 inch lcd display for Cadillac

6500nits brightness 7.6  inch lcd display for Cadillac 

This product with high quality and it application for the Cadillac car market.

To be certified to a high standard . 

It is a mass production project .The supply status is very stable.


This product with below advantages

1) High brightness --6500nits 

Sunlight readable 

2)Wide temperature

Storage temperature:  -40~85

Operating temperature : -30~80

3) Stable supply (production)

It is our customized project  , we have a big project on going . So that we can provide this product to our customers with stable suppy .

4) It with existing HDMI board , it support Raspberry Pi .


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