Kingtech Group Co.,Ltd

has been specializing in TFT LCD display since 2003. We started our business as LCD panel & driver IC distributor. This helps greatly to ensure stable &long life supply as well as quality & cost control.

We concentrate ourselves on small and medium size TFT LCD display R&D and manufacturing. Our mission is to provide our customers high quality, one-stop solution and help our customers to achieve their values.

Kingtech has been specializing in TFT LCD display and touch panel since 2003. Our mission is to provide you one-stop solution and achieve win-win business relationship with you

Choose Kingtech and you will gain
Custom-made capability
Kingtech mainly produces custom made products by making modifications based on our standard products or totally tool up new models for customers

Small MOQ:
Our general process is sample test and approval==>small trial order==>repeat order with small MOQ

ISO9001,ISO14001 and TS16949 certificates and strict quality control process
Inspection is done in FOG==>LCM==>LCM+ RTP/CTP==> production online inspection==>Q.C inspection==>aging test 4 hours with load in 60 ℃ special room (as option)==>OQC

Very good resource:
We cut & etch LCD panels for original manufacturers and distribute their panels. Such long term deep cooperation helps us to have good source and relatively stable supply

Strong in house made chain
Backlight, display module assembly, capacitive touch panel and optical
bonding are in house made
This helps stable quality and supply with effective cost.

Team-work support
Dedicated engineering team to provide our customers professional technical support and help you get our display work well on your device

We invite you to be part of our success. Join us and win with us!