KINGTECH FAQ-lcd manufacturers in china

How do you guarantee the quality?

"We pass ISO900, ISO14001 and TS16949 certificates.

Strict quality control Inspection is done in FOG==>LCM==>LCM+ RTP/CTP==> production online inspection==>Q.C inspection==>aging test 4 hours with load in 60 ℃ special room (as option)==>OQC"

Do you have any MOQ limit?

No, small quantity order is also welcome!

How can you guarantee stable supply?

"1-We have very good source. We always check and choose the most stable supply LCD panel in the beginning.

2-When EOL happens, usually we will get notification from original manufacturer 3-6 months in advance. We prepare another LCD brand solution as replacement for you or recommend you to do last buy if your annual quantity is small or even tool up a new LCD panel if your annual quantity is big."

What is the customization process?

"1-Evaluating by our engineer: 1 day

2-Send you drawing for approval: 3-5 day

3-Send you samples for approval according to your customization requirements

4-Trial order: 6 weeks

5-Repeat order: 4-6 weeks "

What do I get if I work with Kingtech?

"1-A long term and win-win business partner.

2-Perfect LCD display solution for your application.

3-Dedicated sales and technical team for fast communication."

Can I connect your displays to Raspberry Pi?

Many Kingtech displays already have convert board to connect with Raspberry Pi directly. If not, we can also develop one for you.

What’s your factory’s production capacity ?

"LCD display module: 800,000pcs/Month

Capacitive touch panel : 500,000pcs/Month"

What is your after-sale service?

"We offer 12 months warranty. If problem happens, we will analyze the samples and provide report with short term and long term solution.

If it is our product problem, we will do replacement."

Why are Kingtech’s products higher in price?

"1)Most of our projects are industrial applications, not consumer.

2)The material we are using are all A grade from formal channels,with strong anti-shock capacity, anti-high-temperature capacity, high reliability and very low rate of reject.

3)Every single piece display will be inspected carfully for more than 5 times. Reliability test will be done for all new projects."


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