7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
7 inch touch screen
  1. PV07011TD30L, this 7 inch model with 800x1280 resolution . It support MIPI 4 line interface. It with wide view angle , gresat display effect . Mainly application for smart home.
  2. For 7.0 inch, we have different models for customers choice such as 800*480, 1024*600, 800*1280, normal brightness and high brightness. MIPI, LVDS, RGB interface, resistive touch and USB/ I2C capacitive touch, HDMI board...

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resolution 800x1280
portrait display
vertical display
MPI interface
for logistics device
capacitive touchscreen

MIPI Interface 7 Inch 800x1280 IPS View Angle Lcd Module


The MIPI interface 7-inch 800x1280 IPS view angle LCD module is a new development in LCD modules. This 7 inch touch screen model has been designed to be used as a high-quality, low-cost display for easy integration into your project. The module comes with an integrated resistive touch screen that gives you access to all of the features and functions available on your device without needing any additional hardware or software. You can use this module as a replacement LCD for different applications such as, smart home, medical equipment, industrial control, smart wear, logistics machines, and more!


Features of The MIPI Interface Lcd Modules


  • The module has an excellent viewing angle and high brightness, meaning you will have clear images from any view. These features give it great advantages over other types of display technologies such as OLEDs or E-ink displays. The LCD uses a capacitive touch screen which is much better than resistive.


  • The display has a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels, which will show images in fine detail. This means that you can use this model to replace the screen on your current device and still have access to all of its features without any problems arising due to compatibility issues. It also means that this resolution is ideal for displaying high-quality pictures and videos.



  • This model can also be used for applications that require high detail, such as e-books or CAD rendering. Because of this, it can function in a wide variety of different scenarios and will meet all of your needs with ease!


  • The 7 inch touch screenis suitable for POS terminals, industrial control panels, office automation equipment, and other applications that require large screens. This means that it is ideal for applications that require large screens.


Why choose Kingtech for your 7 inch touch screen needs?

  • For 7 inch touch screendisplays, we offer models in many different resolutions such as 800*480p or 1024*600 with normal brightness and high intensity, respectively. You can also choose from a wide variety of interface options - including MIPI DP/ HDMI LVDS RGB USB I2C Power over Ethernet (POE) resistive touch; capacitive screen compatible for devices like tablets that use special tips on their styluses).


  • We stock a large inventory of our 7 inch touch screen We offer same-day shipment on all orders received before 12:00 PM Pacific Time (PT). For rush orders, we can ship as soon as the same day you place your order.



  • Kingtech has been in business for more than ten years. We have a reputation for high product quality, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.


  • Our 7 inch touch screenpanels are guaranteed to fully comply with RoHS standards without lead or mercury content. They also fully comply with the complete set of requirements from China Compulsory Certification (CCC). Our products meet all the requirements for CE certification in the European Union and have been certified to UL, FCC, TUV GS Mark requirements.


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